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405 Boyz Programs & Services

Man Up 2023

The goal of "Man Up" is to increase health screenings of Men of all ages for preventable health issues and to promote early detection and treatment. Through the "Man Up" campaign, the 405 Boyz hope to enhance awareness of the health status of Men by encouraging them to seek regular medical advice.  Our "Challenge to all Men" is to elevate their wellness by engaging in activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. Are you your brother's keeper? 


Black bands have been chosen to serve as a reminder for the wearer to Man Up! The bands are inscribed with "Man Up!" on one side and "I Am My Brother’s Keeper" on the other.  The band signifies that the wearer has pledged to their loved ones to get regularly scheduled check-ups and health screenings and to make the lifestyle changes that will enable them to live a longer, healthier life.  


Maximum participation in this campaign is desired from everyone.  We envision friends and brothers challenging each other as we have, along with local barbers putting the challenge to their customers, coaches challenging the fathers of their players, as well as neighbors, coworkers, and church members, challenging one another.  Likewise, women are encouraged to challenge the men in their lives - fathers, sons, brothers, husbands and significant others. 


We the 405 Boyz hope you will join us beginning January 15th, 2023, in this campaign of encouraging brothers to get healthy, to stay healthy, and to get checked, so they can stay with us.                                                                                                        

Become A Volunteer

Volunteers are needed to help the 405 Boyz with serving our community and youth.  There are a number of ways to get involved. 

Organizers:  Are needed to come up with or facilitate events for future endeavors within the community and or other areas of need.  Volunteer organizers are encouraged to come in and lend their skills and expertise, meet new people and help make a difference.  

Stewards/Promoters etc:  Are needed to help distribute flyers, posters and information on social media to promote 405 Boyz events.  Others are needed to help facilitate and work the events as needs arise.  

Please remember that Volunteering is an opportunity to teach, to learn, to meet people, and to experience a stimulating environment.




The first step toward getting and staying healthy is to gain a comprehensive understanding of health risks.  If we acknowledge health risks as hazards to our well being, we can begin to chart a path toward healthy living that will enhance the overall quality of our lives.  In some instances, we may even be able to extend the time we have to share with our loved ones.


The 405 Boyz have taken the first steps toward helping you gain a better understanding of your health risks.  Please take the time to review some of the information we have compiled for you and then take the steps you need to take to improve your health and wellness.


Prostate Cancer Screening: A Decision Guide for African Americans      

Targets African-American men. At all ages, African-American men die of prostate cancer more often than other men do. The reasons for the variation among groups are unknown, making it critical that African-American men know the facts about prostate cancer and the available screening tests.

Colorectal Cancer and African Americans

Colorectal cancer is the second overall cause of cancer death in the United States. According to the American Cancer Society, an estimated 145,290 new cases were diagnosed in 2015, and 56,290 deaths occurred. Both men and women can develop cancer of the colon and rectum, and their risk increases over the age of 50. African Americans are particularly affected by colorectal cancer and have a higher incidence and mortality from colon cancer than non-African Americans.


The Diabetes Epidemic Among African Americans


- 49 million; 18.7 percent of all non-Hispanic blacks ages twenty and older have diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes

- 12.6 percent had diagnosed diabetes according to age adjusted 2014-2016 national survey data

High Blood Pressure and African Americans

The American Heart Association helps explain why being African American raises your chances of having high blood pressure.  Diabetes and high blood pressure can damage the kidneys and lead to kidney disease. You need to get checked for kidney disease if you have one of these conditions.


Difference Makers Youth Conference 2023

The 405 Boyz Youth Empowerment Conference 2023, seek to equip the younger generation with a profound understanding of their own potentials.  It aims to enhance their power of expression, helps them develop moral capabilities, explore their unique talents and release their capacities for selfless service.

This conference is aimed at empowering the youth between the ages of 10 and 16.  It will help build the importance and awareness for serving the community and contributing as positive citizens.  


The conference will encourage a strong awareness of positive expression, where youth refine their skills in communicating in a vast diverse arena.  They will concentrate and focus on the lost arts of etiquette, effective leadership, coping with peer pressure, dealing with bullies and a host of other topics.  

All in all, this conference will give our youth the understanding of how their capacities to make a difference can and will cause a change to an entire community.  It will enable them to have the qualities, attitudes, insight and knowledge to consistently express positive decisions despite the pressures of everyday life. 


More Information Coming Soon!!!!



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